Why Use Our EB-5



Why BUY our EB-5 Visa(s)……………………….See Above!!!!



Why make a NET INCOME/PROFIT????

Pay back the Foreign Investors their invested payment plus interest

Keep the jobs we create for years into the future.

How will the Net Income be created????

Making & Selling “ELECTRICITY”  

The ELECTRICITY will be sold to very large Utility companies.

The large Utility companies sell ELECTRICITY to individual people and businesses throughout Arizona, California and areas of the United States where large electric companies need a consistent supply of ELECTRICITY.

Arizona Alternative Energy Development Center will lend money (from the sale of Visa(s)), to the various ELECTRIC producing development companies we control. The Developments (Solar, Wind and other alternative energy developments) will enter into 15 and 20 year contracts with large utility companies. The large utility companies sell their ELECTRICITY to individual home owners and businesses. When the large utility companies receive monthly income from the individual home owners and companies they pay our ELECTRICITY PRODUCING companies, who in turn pay the EB-5 company. Since these are 15 and 20 year contracts we know the income will be available to repay the EB-5 company and will assist us in keeping the new jobs.

How do you know the Large Utility companies will enter into contracts to buy the ELECTRICITY????

It is a federal, (USA), requirement if a company makes a certain amount of ELECTRICITY the large utility companies MUST buy it. But……

What if the large Utility Companies do not have enough capacity (current power lines already installed) to accept new ELECTRICITY????  This is the number ONE question****

Our Business Plan, requires we purchase land or lease land to include both an area where the sun or wind or both are very strong. PLUS we must buy land where there are existing powerlines very close to the land. Sometimes, the large Utility companies do have to wait to take the new ELECTRICITY. The United States government recently provided many of the large utility companies with money to build more power lines. (These are very large “cables” that carry ELECTRICITY). But, the large utility companies MUST BUY THE ELECTRICITY. Our locations provide the best opportunities for success.

We have people who have successfully negotiated contracts with large utility companies. And we have lenders who have approved projects for financing the development cost to build the Solar or Wind projects. The lenders can repay our ELECTRIC companies for reports and approvals we obtained before securing the 15 and 20 year contracts. So, we can repay the EB-5 company.  

The combination of reduced taxation for the first years of the development, long term contracts and keeping operation expenses low provide for both a NET INCOME and JOBS to be secure.

So, if this EB-5 Development Center “Arizona Alternative Energy Development Center” already has lenders available for project construction, why does it need money from the sale of Visa(s)????

Before our lenders will pay for the construction costs, they want to see our written contract to sell ELECTRICITY to the large utility companies. Seems Logical.

However, to obtain the contract to sell ELECTRICITY there are many approvals to obtain. First the land must be secured. This requires a payment to the current owner of the land. Then we must complete an environmental, and often a historical review of the land. This requires payments to those people who do the review work. These reports are submitted to governmental agencies. The governmental agencies have “review fees” to be paid. Then when the governmental reviewers have approved the reports, engineers are hired to design the layout of the ELECTRICITY making equipment. This can be very expensive. When the Engineers have completed their reports we request the large utility company to review the Engineering Plans. The large utility company charges for their review and time. Also, there are often times when additional payments for the land and additional Consultants have to be made. When the large utility company has approved the Engineering and other plans, there is a large fee to be paid.

WE have paid for and completed the processes mentioned in the previous paragraph with our own money. So, we know what is acceptable and not acceptable regarding these first expenses. EB-5 money from the sale of Visa(s) will be used to pay these first expenses to obtain an approval of the project. Our first Project will be in southern Arizona.

We have the EXPERIENCE and the KNOW HOW to sell ELECTRICITY.